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Meet Gina Battye

Described as “Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey", Gina Battye is one of the world’s hottest rising stars.

Gina is the leading voice for LGBT self help and re-connects LGBT individuals to their Authentic Self.

She is an internationally sought after TEACHER, LGBT AUTHENTICITY COACH and award-winning LGBT SPEAKER.

Gina is a highly regarded LGBT CONSULTANT, working with companies around the world on LGBT Inclusion Strategy.

A regular Columnist for Diva Magazine, Curve Magazine and Lesbians On The Loose (Europe, USA & Australia's leading LGBT magazines), TV Show Host and Best-Selling Author, Gina shares her unique insights in the LGBT community with truth, humour and compassion.

What really lights Gina up is this. Unleashing the highest potential within people by re-connecting them to their True and Authentic Self.

Hearing the unvoiced questions, anticipating their need and giving voice to their inner world, Gina has created deep, lasting internal shifts for people on 6 continents.

As the creator of The Soul Work, Gina Battye has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the LGBT community.

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Gina works with companies, businesses and organisations on the design and delivery of LGBT inclusion strategy.

Gina has worked first hand with thousands of LGBT individuals all around the world.

During these sessions, 99% of individuals disclosed they were not fully ‘out’ at work…

Working in a non gay-friendly business environment can leave employees feeling isolated. The effort of self-censoring your behaviour is incredibly draining. Gina knows – she did it for many years.

A long term LGBT inclusion strategy will:

Engage and retain your existing LGBT employees

Create a culture of employees being their true self at work, unlocking their creativity

Ensure inclusion, diversity and equality are ingrained in the foundations of your organisation

Speak to Gina about working with YOUR organisation to create a culture where EVERYONE can bring all of who they are to work.

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“If you are waiting for permission to be the REAL you - you just got it.”

Gina Battye

Authenticity Coaching

The Power Series offers you a rare opportunity to work one-to-one with Gina to re-connect to your Authentic Self.

Over a 10 year period Gina has developed a strikingly powerful coaching process whilst working with public figures, celebrities and LGBT role models.

Each year, a handful of candidates are accepted from around the world to participate in Gina’s high intensity Authentic Self trainings.

What you’ll learn with Gina as your private coach will take your mindset, leadership and results to a completely new level.

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