Gina Battye

For LGBT Self-Help and Self-Discovery


Creator of The Soul Work & Soul QuestTM

How To Destroy The Belief I am Not Good Enough – For Life

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Meet Gina Battye

Described as “Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey", Gina Battye is one of the world’s hottest rising stars.

Gina is an internationally sought after & award-winning author, coach & speaker. She is the creator of Soul Quest™ and The Soul Work and founder of The Come On In Campaign.

Gina teaches the LGBT community from personal experience:

1. Self-help and self discovery strategies to improve relationships, career, family life and so much more!

2. How to create more meaning, purpose & fulfilment in your life.

Hearing your unvoiced questions, anticipating your need and giving voice to your inner world, Gina has created deep, lasting internal shifts for people on 6 continents.

As the creator of Soul Quest™ & The Soul Work Gina Battye has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the sphere of LGBT self-help.

What you may not know... Gina is an environmental activist and is on a mission to raise £100m to clean up our oceans.

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What is Soul QuestTM?

Soul Quest™ is a 3 month programme for LGBT+ individuals who feel unfulfilled and want more meaning and purpose in their life.

It consists of 10 powerful principles and proven techniques to discover and connect you to your purpose.

Over 3 months, Gina will take you on a powerful, insightful and deep quest where you will identify your purpose.

You will explore what you are here to do, your purpose, your mission and your contribution. There will be soul searching and identifying what fires you up. AND you will get clear on your next steps and your direction.

Soul Quest™ is designed to give you clarity and get you back on track and moving forward with flow and ease.

Whether you are at the beginning of this self-discovery journey or have been walking the path for a while, Soul Quest™ will take you on a journey like no other.


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“If you are waiting for permission to be the REAL you - you just got it.”

Gina Battye

What is The Soul Work?

The Soul Work is a 3 month LGBT self-help programme.

It consists of powerful strategies, ideas and activities to improve your relationships, career, family life, finances and so much more!

Gina’s ideal Soul Workers identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non binary and gender fluid.

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