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Gina Battye – Spiritual Teacher

Creator of Soul QuestTM

The LGBTQ Voice In The Spiritual World

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Meet Gina Battye

“Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey", Gina Battye is one of the world’s hottest rising stars. Gina is an internationally sought-after and award-winning spiritual teacher, creator of Soul QuestTM and THE advocate for LGBTQ in Spirituality.

Breaking down barriers, Gina is leading the LGBTQ community to express their voice within the spiritual world.

Gina is creating the space for rich, nourishing and soul-led conversations, where EVERYONE (regardless of sexual orientation, religion, race and culture) can speak their truth.

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What is Soul QuestTM?

The Soul QuestTM is a powerful journey of self-discovery.

How often do you have a soulful conversation? Where you explore the big life questions – Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Over the years, maybe your focus has been on everything BUT you.

NOW? You have reached a time of transition (redundancy, burnout, kids flying the nest) and you have woken up. You don't know who you are any more and where you are heading in your life.

You want more meaning in your life, you want to contribute somehow to humanity and to fulfil your soul's purpose.

Soul Quest is a 10-step process to discover your Soul Purpose. It consists of powerful principles and proven techniques to discover and connect you to your Soul Purpose.

Gina's Soul Quest engages you in a rich, nourishing and soul-led conversation. Gina will take you on a powerful, insightful and deep quest.

A Quest to re-connect you to who you really are and discover your soul purpose.

Gina creates a safe space for you to uncover and speak your truth, giving you the courage to show up in the world as the real you.

This is your Soul Work.

How We Can Work Together

“Discovering and creating your soul purpose will bring you more abundance, joy and well-being than any other single action you can take.”

Gina Battye

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